Are you a Caregiver?

If there’s such a thing as a person who was born to serve, that would best describe me.

At an early age I was always eager to help out, be it my mother, grandmother, or a teacher, I was always lending a helping hand. Being a natural born helper naturally lead me into the field on nursing. Nursing is a vast career that allows each person to choose their speciality based on which sector of nursing they love most. Taking care of healthy patients did not appeal to me, I wanted to be in a field where I could really make a change. I wanted to see my patients go from tragedy to triumph, and spinal cord injury is where I landed. I actually found home health to be the most rewarding job of them all.

When my patients were released from the hospital after a spinal cord injury, they needed someone to introduce them to their new normal, they needed a teacher to help them navigate what their new world, of life in a wheelchair would look like. I would meet a very insecure person, many times afraid of what was to come, and after a year or two, I left a friend that no longer needed my services. I believe nursing and teaching go hand-n-hand, I want to continue to use my role as a nurse to teach patients, families, and the able bodied world, that non-able bodied people are capable of doing everything they do, only in a different way.


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